Successful Chemicals Companies

When it comes to finding the best chemical companies, there are a lot of things that you need to consider and look into. There are many companies who can fit the bill, but which ones are the most successful? Some of the most successful chemical companies include:

BASD: This is a German chemical company and is considered one of the largest chemical producers throughout the world. They are present in 80 countries and have six integrated production sites just to get started. In fact, they are so large, they include customers in more than 190 countries right now.
Dow Inc.: This is an American commodity chemical company. It was originally DowDuPont, but switched in 2019 when it became a public company. It is located in Midland, Michigan.
Sinopec: This is a petroleum and chemical corporation that is found in China. It is an oil and gas enterprise and is listed in Hong Kong though it is possible to see it in the New York and Shanghai stock exchanges as well.
Sabic is a oil and gas company that is found in Saudi Arabia and owned by the state. There are several things that this company will focus on including metals, fertilizers, industrial polymers, chemicals, and more.
INEOS: This is a multinational chemicals company that is found in London, England. It is organized to include 20 businesses on their own, each one with their own board, but come together under the same heading to get the work done and provide the chemicals, gas and more that their customers need.

These five chemicals companies are some of the largest and biggest in the world, providing chemicals such as gas and more to their customers. They are likely to continue growing in the future as well to keep up with the high demand that is available.