Fitness Nutrition Guide

Hitting the GYM and random morning runs means nothing if you don’t check on your diet, and that is why knowing what to and not eat during and after your exercise means a lot to your fitness journey. All the way from consuming a well-balanced diet to adding some supplement to your daily snacking and training goes beyond a random online post, and that is why we are here with a detailed fitness guide for you. All you need is to hang on and find out more about the best diets you should eat for your muscles to start growing. And if you are here to lose weight or watch your abs grow, then we have nothing but good news for you.

Fitness Tips

When considering a nice and healthy diet, it is also wise to balance your snacking and food portion sizes in each interval. Bodybuilding foods like beef, fish, beans, and chicken should always be palm-sizes with your energy-giving foods such as wild rice, whole meal pasta, potatoes, etc. The same should be applied to vitamins that include fruits and vegetables. As a bodybuilder, it is wise to check on your fat and calorie intake constantly. Items with a higher saturation of fats such as beef, fatty poultry, and dairy products should be taken with caution, and if you are losing weight, you should stay away from them at all costs.

For a full transformation journey in both gaining some muscles or losing some weight; follow these guidelines; Spread your day to day intake of food over 5 to 6 intervals for both snacks and main meals Include in your plate some fresh fruits and vegetables in any meal you take Always ensure your day start with protein things like beans and eggs Reduce at all costs meals with high calories that is chocolate and sweets Ensure you increase your water intake


Just like cars, you need premium fuel to maintain your engine, and the same applies to your body; eating good food means you will have the right energy for your workouts.